AYESAŞ HTAWS is designed to reduce the risk of Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents of rotary wing aircraft by providing increased situational awareness of the surrounding terrain and obstacles, mainly during the cruise phase in Visual Meteorological Condition (VMC) and in Instrument Meteorological Condition (IMC) under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

HTAWS will take inputs such as position, flight data, and terrain and obstacle information. HTAWS algorithm processes the input and generates display information, aural alerts and visual alerts to meet the intended purpose of HTAWS. The software may be integrated in any avionics computer and display system by the use a well-defined ARINC 653 compliant interface.


  • HTAWS solution fully supporting RTCA DO-309
  • Software developed to be certifiable in accordance with DO-178B
  • ARINC 653 compliant interface


  • Can be used at safety-critical or mission-critical environments
  • Can be integrated in any integrated modular avionics architecture supporting ARINC 653


  • Fully customizable software
  • Full RTCA DO-309 compliance
  • 6 more alerts/warnings in addition to the 4 DO-309 alerts/warnings
  • Can be integrated in any ARINC 653 compliant environment
  • Independent to map and display layer used
  • DO-178B Criticality Level C certifiable

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