Enabling High Maturity Level Network Enabled Capabilities


More than 15 Years of Experience in Military & Commercial Software


Highly Compact & Versatile Rugged Assemblies


High-Mix & Low-to-Medium Volume Assemblies


High Performance & Reliability Wiring Harness Assemblies


AYESAŞ Software has certified its quality system with its processes which conform to CMMI 1.3 Level 3 Process Maturity and are defined and applied compatibly with AS/EN 9100 Rev C, ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP-2110/160 standards. Additionally, AYESAŞ has included below standards in its processes in order to fulfill the requirements of the projects that are carried out:

  • IEEE-12207 Software Life Cycle Standards
  • MIL-STD-498 Software Development and Documentation
  • MIL-STD-973 Configuration Management
  • RTCA DO-178 B/C

AYESAŞ Software Process System owns a continuous improvement process and an infrastructure which are defined to increase the organizational quality and efficiency, to adapt to evolving technology and to conform to quality systems. For this purpose, “Process/Technology Improvement” and “Lessons Learned” suggestions which are contributed by the whole company are applied at both project and organizational levels in scope of continuous improvement.

The data collected periodically by the in-house developed tools and infrastructure to evaluate the current status objectively and to determine the areas that may needed to be improved is interpreted according to the defined Measurement and Analysis Process. The graphical reports including the interpreted data and the metrics which provide looking from different point of views are analyzed and the analysis results are used as a managerial decision support system to achieve the goals that are set at both organizational and project levels.

AYESAŞ Software Processes and Process Assets can be accessed by all personnel fast and easily via the in-house developed AYESAŞ portal. The portal is also an integrated platform which provides access to other tools and organizational assets contributing to the software process system.

In addition to Waterfall model which is implemented widely at the sector, AYESAŞ also utilizes Incremental, Evolutionary, Spiral and Prototyping models and also Hybrid models which are formed by combining two or more software life cycle models to fit best to the structure of projects. Furthermore, Agile Methodologies and Scrum which are adopted worldwide to increase efficiency and practicality of software development processes and to provide targeted and result-oriented approach are also applied by our company.

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